TibaLab for Medical Investigations

Vision: Tiba Laboratory Service commits to being the leading provider of medical laboratory services in our community. We focus on our customer’s needs, provide state-of-the-art fully accredited professional testing and consultative services,  the innovative application of science and technology to the diagnosis and management of human disease.

Mission: The mission of Tiba laboratory is to provide high- quality, cost-effective lab services in a manner that supports the patient care mission of General Authority for Health Accreditation Registration (GAHAR). We aim giving the clinician the best possible advice about what to do with patient.

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Our Branches

Main branch

📌 98 Tahrir Street, Dokki Square, Dokki Tower M - 24 hour service Tel: 01002192120 - 01222192120

Al-Qanater El-Khairia Branch

📌 12 Nile Corniche St. Tel: 0242189208

Shebin El-Kom branch

📌 36 Gamal Abdel Nasser Street, Tel: 0482318999

Menouf branch

📌 Port Said El-Bahri Street in front of the City Council, Tel: 0483651700

Ashmoun Branch 2

📌 Republic Square Tel: 0483440444

Sadat Branch 1

📌 Second District Services Hub above Tel: 0482600999

Ashmoun Branch 1

📌 In front of the city council rest house, call 0483432100

Centris Branch

📌 Safa and Marwa Tower in front of the parking lot, call 0483407900

Al-Bajour Branch

📌 1 Banha Street, Tel: 0483884311

Sadat Branch 2

📌 Right Way Medical Complex

6th of October branch

📌 39 Central Mehwar Street in front of October University Tel: 01098546282

Downtown branch

📌 11 Al-Falaki Square, Bab Al-Louq, Tel: 01000039559

Manial Branch

📌 84 Al-Manial Street Tel: 01000042641

Giza Branch (1)

📌 1 Murad Street, Giza Square, Tel: 01000039557

Giza Branch (2)

📌 511 Al-Ahram Street, Al-Nasr Building, Giza Square, Tel: 01000039557

Heliopolis branch

📌 12 Boutros Ghali Street, Roxy, phone: 01000039558

Nasr City Branch

📌 52 Mustafa El Nahhas Street, Makram Ebeid intersection, Tel: 01000051392

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